Video class „Affirmation Cards“

Please note: All the videos in this class come in German language with subtitles in English. Additional material such as texts on the web pages and PDFs are completely translated into English.

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What if …

… from now on it could be very easy to hang on practicing your affirmations?
… you only need a magical tool to find powerful phrases that really resonate with you?
… practicing with your affirmations would only cost you 5 minutes a day with this magical tool?
… you had your affirmations with you all day long?

Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

Affirmations are a kind of magical pill when it comes to

… changing something in your life
… support yourself in difficult situations
… create things and and situations in your life you wish for from your heart.

But …

Perhaps my experience sounds familiar: You don’t manage to stick to your affirmations. In the first days you are full of enthusiasm, you practice and practice. Your heart jumps for joy. But after a few days you lose interest, you get bored with repeating your phrases and finally you forget about them.

Well, here’s the solution for you!

Create your own affirmation cards and never forget about your phrases again!

Because …

… you have written them out of your heart and you have written about them, so the will fit you like a glove
… you have found phrases that really let your inner world vibrate
… you have created cards with your favorite colors
… you have doodled your heart out on them
… you have chosen your most relevant affirmations
… you have brought them all together in such a way that you can carry them with you wherever you go
… you connect with them daily with the magical tool so you’re finally full of faith about the truth of your affirmations.

Does that sound good to you?

Do you want to experience how these cards support you day by day? Do you want to feel the joy when you refer to them again and again?

Get your seat in this online class on „affirmation cards“ now!

Early birds buy it for €49 until the end of August! (Class opens on the 1st of August 2020)

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I have never been a friend of affirmations … they never got me … So I have been very skeptical, truly spoken … Now I am so exited, because the process brought me some wonderful things. It really works. Powerful phrases have emerged which truly resonate with me. You have a fab-technique. I really recommend this class …

Silvia Eichhoff, artist, educator and podcaster at Malfreunde FM

This class contains …

… a preparing exercise for warming up the body and harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain
… writing sprints as and execution of „free writing“
… watercolor painting
… doodling and scribbling
… the artistic usage of your handwriting

What you get …

… almost 2 hours of video material
… a lot of additional information on the web pages belonging to a video
… all videos for download so you may watch them without access to the internet
… life-long access (as long as this website exists and the class fits my offerings)
… PDF with examples of affirmations
… the opportunity to contact me directly at any time (except weekends)

What you’ll need (art supplies)

Are you in?

I knew you would say: YES!
Can’t wait to welcome you in class.


PS: I have no doubt this class will do you some good. And by selling this class I want to do some good to. On the long run I plan to build up the „Kreasphäre“, a physical home for people who stay there for a while to unfold their very own creativity.

Until the day I have found this building I donate 10% of my sales to „Initiative Mein Grundeinkommen“, a German initiative giving away unconditional income – funded solely by donation.